Crossett Real Estate Services

Nature & Scope of work

Our experience and training is in the field of real estate as a licensed real estate Broker:

Our function will be to provide you with guidance in the areas related to real estate decisions: while we do not make decisions for our Clients, we do strive to assist the Client in his/her consideration and evaluation of various factors and alternatives, that the Client can make a more informed decision. It has been our experience that a team effort is applicable: we have the knowledge/ability and communication skills to work with trades-persons/legal counsel or any representative in reaching the goals and objectives of our Client, including but not limited to our fellow-brokers and/or professionals in the areas of real estate.

We do not provide legal advice or tax advice: we recommend that you seek out competent attorneys and/or tax advisors.

Many times fees are non-contingent: compensation is expected for time independent of whether or not any particular transaction is consummated: all fees are confidential and determined by the scope of work involved.


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