Tip of the Month - March, 2018

How to Inspect the Older House

Source: Alex Rachun-Associate-Cornell University

What Shape is the House in?

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of a remodeled older house.  A house that appears to be run down may be in no worse condition that a recently remodeled house.  Often a remodeled older house has hidden flaws that are apparent in a house left untouched.  Applied wall paneling may hide deteriorated plaster.  New ceiling tile may be attached to a ceiling damaged by water leaks or broken lath.  It is necessary, as a prospective Buyer, to be able to spot problems in an older house rather than wonder what might be behind walls  covered by a quick & easy paneling job.

Remember, that when you buy a remodeled house, you are paying for the improvements.  If you have to remodel again, it may be better to find an “untouched” house where at least you won’t be paying for someone else’s recent work.

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