June 2003 



Source: 2nd edition The Landlord's Handbook

Daniel Goodwin & Richard Rusdorf


#1 New Tenants should have their names on the mailbox & doorbells: to maintain neat & uniform appearance, it is better for you to order or make the name tags rather than have Tenants make their own.

#2 New Tenants usually want to make sure the locks are changed as a safeguard against old Tenants and their friends still having keys.

#3 Make sure your new Tenants notify the utility companies to put utilities in their names. If they do not, you may end up paying some of their electric or gas bills (water & sewer also): Contact these services to ensure that the meters are in Tenants names. If your new Tenants are from out of town, you may want to make these arrangements for them.

#4 New Tenants usually have dozens of empty boxes and lots of paper to dispose of. Make sure you tell them how to dispose of this type of bulk rubbish: make sure you tell them about your local waste management & recycling policies.

Last but certainly, not least, as a gesture of good will, some Landlords give new Tenants a welcome gift such as a plant, flowers, or a basket of fruit. Most items are relatively inexpensive and can help maintain a positive feeling during this stressful time. Most Residents will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will remember gestures of this nature thro-out their lease term.


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