Tip of the Month - August 2006

Physical Characteristics

Source: HOUSES-Third Edition by Henry S. Harrison

Certain physical characteristics of neighborhoods may be considered desirable by some people and undesirable by others.  While a person’s individual taste may not agree with the opinions expressed here, he or she must remember that property values are governed by the tastes of the majority.

Paved streets, shade trees, an attractive view and, in urban areas, sidewalks and curbs usually are desirable characteristics.  The preferred topography is a rolling terrain so that the whole neighborhood is on higher ground than the surrounding area.  Values tend to go up with the height of the land in most areas.  Curved and dead-end streets that are lit and have street signs are what people desire.

On the other hand, people generally do not like very flat land or excessively rugged terrain without reasonable access.  They worry when they live on straight streets that carry through traffic and appear to present traffic hazards.  Neighborhoods with flooding danger, fire hazards, stagnant ponds, marshes, poor surface drainage and excess dampness are understandably unpopular.
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