TIP OF THE MONTH - April 2012


Source: Profitably Managing your Rental Properties
             By: R. Dodge Woodson

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms that influence many people’s decision to rent or not to rent.  If they are modern and clean, well appointed, and desirable, you are well on your way to renting your unit.

Recently remodeled kitchens and bathrooms can demand a higher rent and favorably influence your building’s appraised value.  They can often reduce your vacancy rate and at the same time help you eliminate many of your repair calls because of the new equipment.

The cost of major remodeling can be intimidating, so you will have to carefully evaluate your decision to take on a large project.  However, if your research shows promise, these two rooms are where you should direct your remodeling efforts.


When you are remodeling, especially, kitchens and bathrooms, pay close attention to updating electrical and plumbing during the rehab.  In today’s market, Tenants have computers and many options for cable and Internet services: appliances require updated electrical to be energy efficient and extend the life.  150 AMP electrical entrances should be included for the project including but not limited to replacement/removal of all “old” wiring.

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